Thursday, September 2, 2010

Charlie - Deep diver!

Oh Chuck if you were only a little older! You are too funny.

Cotton candy & corn dogs = $8
Tickets for rides = $25
Riding the ferris wheel with Chuck = Priceless!


I am cracking up looking at this picture!
Jimmy, Love those blue eyes! wanna make out in shed? ha!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Haaay Bloggers!

My name is Amanda but all my peeps call me Manny. I have an amazing 11 year old daughter, Brylee. I have the most awesomest job at Perewitz and have met some of the greatest people eva including my crush...xoxo. I started the job in July when my girl Jody needed help at the shop and thought of me :). Hope ya'all enjoy viewing the pics of me and my homegirl Jody's adventures... When we are together we engage in lots of fun and laughs. For us "everything is funny". Jody and I truely give new meaning to the word HA... and for that I have to give a shout out to our boyz in NYC!


PS-I am the short one in the pics.

Some fact you should know

B.O.A.T = Bust Out A Titty

GFF = Gernade Free Foundation (ok so we stole it from "The Situation")

LPM = La Puta Madre (Jody's bike)

Our Possy = Jody, Manny and a turtle

PCF = Perewitz Cycle Fab

"Go kick rocks" - We heard this from a "gangsta" we know and both of us cracked up and said we were going to use it!


Jeff = our parts guy at PCF and Manny's crush

DP = Dave Perewitz (Jody's dad, our boss)

Charlie = AKA Chuck, our friend, we love Chuck

Jimmy = AKA #3, our friend, we love Jimmy's chocolate covered strawberries

Brylee = AKA "The Bry", Manny's beautiful daughter and our 11 year young sidekick