Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some fact you should know

B.O.A.T = Bust Out A Titty

GFF = Gernade Free Foundation (ok so we stole it from "The Situation")

LPM = La Puta Madre (Jody's bike)

Our Possy = Jody, Manny and a turtle

PCF = Perewitz Cycle Fab

"Go kick rocks" - We heard this from a "gangsta" we know and both of us cracked up and said we were going to use it!


Jeff = our parts guy at PCF and Manny's crush

DP = Dave Perewitz (Jody's dad, our boss)

Charlie = AKA Chuck, our friend, we love Chuck

Jimmy = AKA #3, our friend, we love Jimmy's chocolate covered strawberries

Brylee = AKA "The Bry", Manny's beautiful daughter and our 11 year young sidekick

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